Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glass Onion

   I know it's cliche, but I really do love The Beatles.  They really are my first music love.  I have summer memories of driving through the town of Robinson, IL in my old Jeep Wagoneer listening to the "With The Beatles" album.  My favorite Beatle has always been George Harrison.  I think that's why "Revolver" is my favorite record. 

I went with my mom to an antique festival in Abingdon, VA a week ago and found these glasses.  We were browsing a certain stall, and my mom picked these up and told me that when she was a college student, she had gotten a pair of sunglasses just like these from an antique store.  So of course, I had to get them.

 glasses: Antique
Shirt: Thrift
Skirt: altered myself
Shoes: Target

Alright, I'm going to deviate away from The Beatles now.  After all, I'm just another other fan.  So anyway, I have been reading this book, and I'm very interested in it.  I love reading.  I've read many books.  But yesterday, tragedy struck.  The dog ate half of my book.  She destroyed the prologue and the first 4 chapters--my underlined passages and notes in the margin!  The book was about Eastern Orthodox Christianity...I think the dog is going to hell now.  So I'm not too worried about seeking vengeance.

   Well, here I am at the end of another post.  (And just as a side note, I'm wearing the same skirt in the last post...oops.)  I'm still in Virginia.  My car mysteriously broke down a few weeks ago, and after sending it to the mechanics, I've heard nothing about it.  I've given up trying to pin down when I might return to Massachusetts.  To all my friends: I miss you, I miss you, I miss you.  And I can't wait to see you.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

London Calling

   This time last year I was preparing to go to England and Scotland on a theatre trip with my school.  I want to be doing that again this year...  I've spent the last month off and on day dreaming about London and Edinburgh.  I actually got this dress at a market in London.  It has a large unexplained ink stain on it, and the skirt looks as if it were cut off unevenly and never hemmed.  I love it.

Every girl needs a little pink dress!

My cheeks are still a bit puffy from being sick, so I self consciously hid my face in most of these...

dress: market in London
shoes: thrift Keds

  I keep thinking about all those trips to the National Theatre and nights at the pub and walking down the Royal Mile popping in and out of thrift stores.  I hope you all are having a lovely summer.  Until next time...  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Better Days

   I have spent the last week sick out of my mind.  But now I'm finally on the mend.  Soon I'll be in top form and heading back up to Massachusetts.  I can't wait!  I want to go to the beach and hang out with old friends!

I'm loving my new curly hair.  It's so big and out of control.

shirt: hand me down
belt: Forever 21
skirt and shoes: thrift

   Big plans for the upcoming week.  I've got alot of packing to do, and I'll be spray painting some lamps to put in my apartment back at school.  Maybe I'll put up some photos of my little projects sometime.  Kym, I hope you don't mind an apartment full of lamps...

juss toi

Hey guys! Not much to report - got to go to the midnight premiere of Captain America! It was fun, but since i'm not a super comic book fan, I got pretty sleepy near the end. This weekend I caught up on a loooot of missed sleep, which felt SO GOOD. As I write this post before work, all I want to do is just go back to sleep...

My hair's kinda fading out, but I kinda like it! It's super rosey.

For this outfit I basically threw on as many patterns as I could and hoped they would work. I like it!

dress and scarf: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Forever 21

My allergies have been absolutely horrid lately. I even had an allergic reaction to one of the chemistries I was working with yesterday.

My left nostril feels like it will never be clear again.

Well, I gotta go to work! See you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

never heard a better bad joke

It is so hot outside today! I just got home from work, and all I wanna do is just lay in front of a fan with a cold beer. I'm probably gonna do just that after I finish this post!

I'm almost through the second Game of Thrones book, and it is so good! I was very distraught for a while, because I thought my favorite character had died, but HE LIVES! I've been able to power through these books at work, since I mostly run tests for a lot of chemicals, and I get about ten minutes per test to do whatever I want.

Ben's cat, Kitty, steals the show again in these photos! You can't really see my face in most of them because I LOVE CATS and i just wanted to look at Kitty! With my feather fascinator, we look like the Owl and the Pussycat!


I actually made the fascinator I'm wearing! I'm making one for my friend for her wedding, so this was just a practice one.



fascinator: me!
shoes and dress: Forever 21
cardigan: Target

Closeup! I think it turned out really well for a first attempt!

Sunday, July 17, 2011 my hero

   Well, 2 weeks later, and I've been to Hatteras Island for vacation, gotten back, had my 21st birthday, changed my hair all up, and saw--OHMYGOSH!!--Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2!  And tomorrow...I get my wisdom teeth taken out...ouch.  That's a bummer of an ending to an amazing few weeks.  

   So, I love Harry Potter.  And this movie,in my opinion, was so awesome!!  (spoken in my best little boy voice)  My brother got me a ticket to a double feature--parts 1 and 2 on my birthday.  It was ridiculous.  So good.  And part 2 was even in 3D!

sweatshirt and shorts: thrift
shirt: hand-me-down
wellies: Hunter

Rainy days and the prospect of getting my wisdom teeth removed makes me want to curl up in a comfy sweatshirt.  I wore this outfit the day I went to see Harry Potter on my birthday, and I wore it again when I went to rewatch it today.  It's extremely comfortable.  At intense moments during the movie, I pull the hood up over my now poofy hair and hold my breath....perhaps this time Snape will escape Lord Voldemort??  No dice.

This is my family's dog.  Her name is Molly.  But I believe she has been misnamed.  I think her real name should be "stupid-dog-that-likes-to-aggravate-me-by-running-between-my-legs-and-knocking-me-down"...but that's just me.  But I have to say, she's a gorgeous dog.

Harry Potter glasses and new hair.

   I love my new hair.  I was a little nervous to get it done at first, because, let's face it, obviously I'm not a natural curly headed girl.  Obviously this is fake.  I've always wanted curly hair, but I always just thought that getting fake curly hair was kinda like getting a boob job--everyone would know that my now voluptuous hair is really just a sham, a cover up, to hide my natural flat, limp hair...   However, my views were overridden by my carnal desire to have more--more body, more curls.  So I did it.  And I made the entire movie theater smell like perm solution during the midnight release of Harry Potter...sorry everyone.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

havada kerdavra

Yesterday Ben and I had a date night! We went out to eat, and after that we went to go see the last Harry Potter movie! It was incredible. I'm glad I had tissues in my purse because it kept making me cry.

Although, can we all acknowledge the goofy side-hug Voldemort gives Draco when he crosses over? It was hilarious.

These pictures are actually a couple of days old - I've been so busy I haven't had a spare moment to update!

Yes, Ben does have an old barbell on his back porch.

dress: Urban Outfitters
belt and shoes: Forever 21

See you soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

funny little frog

You may have noticed in these pictures that my hair is a drastically different color. It actually came from a botched attempt to bleach my hair blonde - I ended up bleaching the roots super blonde, but there were very stubborn patches of hair that refused to go any blonder. In an attempt to make my hair look less goofy and badly bleached, I ended up using the leftover pink dye from when I went pink last summer! I was actually quite pleased with it once I had finished - much better than being several different shades of blonde all at once.

I decided to channel a bit of the style rookie in this outfit. She mixes and matches patterns and textures and always looks fabulous, so I thought I'd give it a try! My pink hair made me a little more daring.

Ben has got me reading Game of Thrones - it's pretty good! I'm already over 400 pages in, and I only borrowed it from him last night.

One of the guys I work with has already started calling me Strawberry Shortcake because of my hair. I don't mind it one bit!

I had a "princess night" with two of my good friends this weekend. They both have blogs, and one has an etsy store! I'm probably gonna link them on the left/do a post about them. They are the cutest!

shirt: Sufjan Stevens concert t-shirt
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Urban Outfitters
glasses: BonLook

Have you guys been listening to the new Bon Iver? I can't stop, it's ridiculous.

See you! I can't believe summer's already halfway over!

Monday, July 4, 2011

no yes

What a weekend! Got to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world and drank faarrr too much wine. You know it's going to be a good night when you're having a tequila shot with a former teacher. My friend Toni had us all over to her house for a graduation party, and Rachel, AK, and I had a girls night there again the next night! It was entirely too much fun. These pictures were stolen shamelessly from Rachel.

Ben's mom gave me one of her dresses from back in the 80's and it came with the fabulous jacket I am wearing. The reason for this post is to pretty much show it off, because I am in love with it. You can't see it in these pictures, but it has a semi-open back. The kid behind the counter at the gas station said it looked very french couture, which delighted me to no end.

These are some of my favorite people in the whole world. Lauren and Rachel in the middle are sisters - I am going to feature them sometime this summer, because both of them are super gorgeous and stylish. Ak is the hottie on the end - she just got back from a year in the peace corps. 

Pretty Rachel! Her dress comes from this fabulous boutique called Blush. She also works there and gets discounts, which is good, because everything in there is cute! 
Rachel - dress and shoes: Blush
bracelet: Brooklyn flea market
Kym - dress: Forever 21
shoes: vintage Ferragamo heels
jacket: vintage

Lovely Lauren! She works at a tea shop and let us try a mug of tea that tasted like toffee and maple syrup! It's a lot yummier than i just described it, i promise. 

Lauren: top, skirt, shoes, and bow: Forever 21

I've been partied out this weekend, so I think my next update will be about my perfume collection!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Homeschool Blue Jean Jumper

   It is an known truth that every homeschooled girl owns a "blue jean jumper."  Generally it is worn with white socks and walking shoes, a t-shirt underneath, and a girl's long hair would be worn up in bun.  It looks a little like this:

This homeschooled girl grew up in her jean jumper.

   Well, since I was homeschooled from 2nd grade through high school, I do, in fact, own a jean jumper.  However, I refuse to wear it with white walking shoes....  *smile*

My mother sent me this dress while I was away at school this year.  I'm not sure where she got it.  She wrote me a little note and stuck it in the package.  It read:  "Every homeschooled girl needs a jean jumper."  

dress: mama
shoes: thrift

These are the shoes that Jonny cut off in the other photos.  But here they are now.  I'm completely in love with them.  I found them at a thrift store earlier in the year.  They are the most comfortable chunky, clog-wedges you could ever find.  *smile*

   For the rest of the week, I'll be on vacation with my family on Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks.  I plan to get very tan, finally finish reading Anna Karenina, spend at least 8 hours a day in the ocean, and longboard as much as possible.  What could be better?  Not even Prince Charming.  I hope you all have an equally wonderful week.