Tuesday, July 26, 2011

juss toi

Hey guys! Not much to report - got to go to the midnight premiere of Captain America! It was fun, but since i'm not a super comic book fan, I got pretty sleepy near the end. This weekend I caught up on a loooot of missed sleep, which felt SO GOOD. As I write this post before work, all I want to do is just go back to sleep...

My hair's kinda fading out, but I kinda like it! It's super rosey.

For this outfit I basically threw on as many patterns as I could and hoped they would work. I like it!

dress and scarf: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Forever 21

My allergies have been absolutely horrid lately. I even had an allergic reaction to one of the chemistries I was working with yesterday.

My left nostril feels like it will never be clear again.

Well, I gotta go to work! See you!

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