Sunday, July 17, 2011 my hero

   Well, 2 weeks later, and I've been to Hatteras Island for vacation, gotten back, had my 21st birthday, changed my hair all up, and saw--OHMYGOSH!!--Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2!  And tomorrow...I get my wisdom teeth taken out...ouch.  That's a bummer of an ending to an amazing few weeks.  

   So, I love Harry Potter.  And this movie,in my opinion, was so awesome!!  (spoken in my best little boy voice)  My brother got me a ticket to a double feature--parts 1 and 2 on my birthday.  It was ridiculous.  So good.  And part 2 was even in 3D!

sweatshirt and shorts: thrift
shirt: hand-me-down
wellies: Hunter

Rainy days and the prospect of getting my wisdom teeth removed makes me want to curl up in a comfy sweatshirt.  I wore this outfit the day I went to see Harry Potter on my birthday, and I wore it again when I went to rewatch it today.  It's extremely comfortable.  At intense moments during the movie, I pull the hood up over my now poofy hair and hold my breath....perhaps this time Snape will escape Lord Voldemort??  No dice.

This is my family's dog.  Her name is Molly.  But I believe she has been misnamed.  I think her real name should be "stupid-dog-that-likes-to-aggravate-me-by-running-between-my-legs-and-knocking-me-down"...but that's just me.  But I have to say, she's a gorgeous dog.

Harry Potter glasses and new hair.

   I love my new hair.  I was a little nervous to get it done at first, because, let's face it, obviously I'm not a natural curly headed girl.  Obviously this is fake.  I've always wanted curly hair, but I always just thought that getting fake curly hair was kinda like getting a boob job--everyone would know that my now voluptuous hair is really just a sham, a cover up, to hide my natural flat, limp hair...   However, my views were overridden by my carnal desire to have more--more body, more curls.  So I did it.  And I made the entire movie theater smell like perm solution during the midnight release of Harry Potter...sorry everyone.

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  1. Hi Ann,
    You look good and I like your Wellingtons,they are ideal for the rain.