Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Post

   Today is Father's Day.  And to celebrate, I made rice krispie treats, and then my mom, 3 of my sisters, and I ate almost the whole entire batch--we saved one for my dear father.  *smile*  They were delicious.  And now, the tight skirt I'm wearing is a bit tighter than it was this morning...  

cardigan: NewYork&Company
shirt: not it in high school
skirt: Forever21
shoes: thrift

(These pictures are at a weird angle, because my sister Hannah took them sitting on a couch...I guess sometimes it's very hard to stand up at 11 o'clock in the "morning"...)

I bought this skirt and two others like it from Forever 21 the other day.  I've never really been one for the tight pencil skirts--even less so if they're just cotton.  I've just always felt awkwardly shaped in them.  However, I decided to just get over it!  But I still feel a little weird....

   A happy father's day to everyone out there.  If you're not a dad: go eat rice krispie treats in honor of your dad.  And if you are a dad: have your stupid kids make you some for you!

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