Tuesday, June 7, 2011

party hard

hey guys! no new photos from today, BUT I thought it would be a good idea to upload some photos of Grace and I from before summer break!

I got to go to my school's senior formal since I'm going to be graduating this December, and I took Grace along as my date! My roommate and apartment mate planned the entire thing together, and it was such a great time! We had a cookout at our friends' apartment before heading to the Taj in Boston!

All pictures were taken by Paul Wright .


I got my dress on etsy from the lovely people at TiskTisk! It's a vintage 50's party dress, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scalloped neckline. I bought it on a lot of faith,  and it turned out to fit me super well! I hemmed it up a little bit so it'd be more modern, and it was so fun and easy to dance in!

See you!