Saturday, July 2, 2011

so long, old bean

I've been going through such a Devendra Banhart phase lately. It's the perfect music to drive around to with the windows down. At the same time, though, I can't stop listening to 70's funk music. I think it's because whenever I drive to work, I always just put it on the oldies station. I have heard the song Sexual Healing AT LEAST three times in the past two weeks, which never fails to make me laugh.

My mom and I have been having ladies time recently. 

Yesterday she took me to get a massage, and today we got manicures and pedicures! So girly.

And after that we had a margarita lunch and burritos!

Assassins is all over! It came down to a shootout between three people on the roof of a parking garage, which was INTENSE.

shirt: Old vacation t-shirt
hat: Urban Outfitters
skirt: H&M
shoes: vintage Ferragamo kitten heels, purchased at this etsy store!

The shoes were only $10! A pretty good deal, I'd say.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, first of all, Sexual Healing totally reminded me of Dr. Gerber!!! hahaha And I love the vacation t-shirt!!

  2. I want to have fun times with kym and janelle! Miss you....and I love your blog.