Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Favorite Jacket Day

   Today, again, was coldish and misty.  I am tired and a bit run down.  So I threw on my favorite jacket to make me feel better.  
   So, I have this friend who also happens to be my favorite professor.  She runs the tech department in the theatre.  She gave me the jacket during this nightmare show we were working on.  (We dead hung 177 glowing orbs of light in our black box and wired them all to turn on white or color....ugh)  The jacket used to be her's when she went to school.  It is so comfy and soft.  I love it.  Thank you, Dawn!

jacket: Dawn's hand-me-down
jeans: Forever21
shoes: thrift

I love the design on this jacket.  It's so crazy!  The colors are great.  Love it.

Kym and I took pictures in the old gazebo with the bell-as she has explained.  It was misting nastily outside, but we wanted to take the photos outside because of the lighting.  So it was the bell gazebo was perfect.

   Well, another day, another blog.  Fun times.

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