Sunday, May 8, 2011

hot momma

In the spirit of My Mom, Style Icon, and also since it's Mother's Day, I'd like to introduce you all to a sweet little lady who has shaped my personal style.

It's my mom!

I wish I had some more pictures of her from when she was my age - she was a fox.

My mom has always been a stylish woman - She's the kind of woman who always has at least three colors of lipstick in her purse, just in case. 

She's also the woman who taught  me the importance of having a signature scent! Now we nerd out together whenever I get a new fragrance sample in the mail. 

My mom is the one who taught both my sister and I that no matter what, black and white always look good. My freshman year of college, practically all I wore were little black dresses, thanks to her!

So here's to you, mom! Thanks for being the first one to teach me that it's fun to dress up. I hope I'm as half as gorgeous as you are when I'm your age.

Happy Mother's Day!

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