Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tigers All Around Us (some are volatile and some like legos)

   So, today I was working in the theatre quite late, and the sun set before Kym and I could snap some photos outside.  Sad day.  Theatre is an animal.  Like a whiny tiger.  It's powerful and amazing, yet needy and demanding, and sometimes it eats you for breakfast.  The zookeepers who take care of the whiny tiger find it fulfilling, but sometimes they need a vacation.  *smile*

   But here we go:  Pictures in Barrington Center for the Arts.

Hat: Target
Scarf: thrift
Coat: gift
Hoodie: thrift
Tee: Forever21
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Thrift
Purse: H&M

This is what happens to you when you spend all day in the theatre...

This is my friend and fellow theatre major, Tyrel Borowitz.  He's awesome and loves legos and improv.  His spirit animal is a tiger (but not in the same way that theatre is a tiger...).  His lovely fiance, Darcy, make an appearance on our blog sometime in the near future...hopefully...if she let's us take pictures of her.

  Alright, until next time, everyone.

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