Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm back...Sort Of.

   Oh dear.  I've been out of the loop for a wicked long time.  After school ended, I stuck around for graduation and saw all of my friends walk.  So good, yet so sad.  Since then I've been working overhire at a local theatre, and so I've been a bit out of touch with all things other than scrollers, hanging lights, and cabling.  But now that is also over, and I drive home to VA tomorrow.  Leaving friends and heading towards family.  Anyway, so I haven't been able to take any pictures.  But, here are a few pics from the end of the year:

This is me at Senior Formal.  Kym and I went together.  The event was at the Taj on Newbury St. in Boston.  So lovely.

headband:I made it out of gold wire
dress: thrift/altered
earrings: borrowed

Me and a friend at graduation.

shirt: oldnavy
skirt and belt: thrift

Two of my best friends in all the world: Taylor and Carissa.

Again, me and graduating friends.  Love them.

   Ok, so that's it for another few days.  I'll have more to come soon.  I promise.  My little brother, Jon, wants to be a photographer, so I'll keep him occupied...  Anyway, so long for now.

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