Tuesday, May 24, 2011

summer days, driftin' away

Whooo! Sorry for the hiatus, you guys! Finals, projects, and packing have totally destroyed Grace and I's life for the past week or so. My mom flew up to Massachusetts to help me pack, and together we drove the 19 hours back to Tennessee. My car's air conditioner also happens to be broken, so during those days, I concentrated on wearing cooler clothes than cute ones.

Grace and I will sadly be separate for the summer (she went back home to Virginia), BUT that doesn't mean this blog will stop anytime soon! Besides showing you all what we're wearing, it's also a good way for us to keep in touch. D'awwww.

EDIT: also, you may notice we have a new header at the top of the page! photo is courtesy of Paul Wright, who is one of our friends and a marvelous photographer!

My photographer for this summer is my boyfriend, Ben. I'm not as serious looking in these pictures as I am in the ones that Grace takes, because Ben is ridiculous and makes me laugh.

Today was his mom's birthday, so we went to Logan's Roadhouse and feasted! Afterwards we went back to their house, which is where these pictures were taken.

shirt: H&M
shorts: Urban Outfitters
belt: Forever 21
shoes: Nine West

She told us to take pictures over by the gargoyle, because it's supposed to be good luck.

See you soon! Hope you all are enjoying the start of summer!


  1. Awww thanks! :) I got them when I worked at a Christian shoe store. Yes, you read that right. Christian shoe store. Owned by a hunchbacked woman.