Wednesday, May 25, 2011

take it in the ear

I went to the chiropractor today to get my bones cracked and they took an x-ray of my neck. Apparently the vertebra in my neck are starting to curve the wrong way. MUTANT POWER??? No, I just slouch a lot.
Ben came over afterwards to take pictures! I had already changed out of my work clothes, because he and I are gonna go out later tonight with my good friend Rachel! I can't wait!

My mom made me some lemon water! Usually I don't like it, but it was nice and refreshing on such a humid day.

Gonna get my drank on with some friends tonight! RESPONSIBLY I PROMISE.

Funny thing - notice how my legs look so stumpy in some of these pictures? This is because Ben is so much taller than me, when he takes the pictures, my legs get foreshortened.

shirt: vintage slip
vest and necklace: gift from Ben's mom
skirt: H&M
shoes: Nine West
glasses: BonLook

See you tomorrow!

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