Monday, May 9, 2011

he ate my heart

What a busy Monday! I practically spent all day in the printmaking studio, but Grace and I caught a break long enough to take a few pictures. 

This weekend I went shopping and found some super cute items for super cheap! HELL YEAH, H&M SALE SECTION! 

This jacket was one of my finds - it was originally about 50 dollars but I got it for 15! I felt like a shopping WIZARD.

Most of my leggings have rips in the knees because I am very clumsy.

(I always forget when to use the word "tights" and when to use the word "leggings". I've also misspelled "leggings" as "leggins" twice already.)

jacket: H&M
shirt: Forever 21
leggings: Express
shoes: Forever 21

These shoes were another fortunate find! My roommate Jess, who is always practical when it comes to matters of shopping, even encouraged me to get them. That's how I knew they were worth it.

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