Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pumped up kicks!

Grace and I waited a little later on in the day to take pictures, so we took them outside on a beach pavilion! The lights there are a little yellowy, but I tried to fix them as best I could. The pictures are a little grainier than I'd like, but they still turned out pretty good!

Wearing my new glasses! They're from the Urban Vintage collection over at Bonlook. They're called Creme Caramel in Gold.

I'm really gonna miss how accessible the beach is once I graduate.

I need to wear heels more often, since I'm so short.

shirt and scarf: Urban Outfitters
cardigan: Target
shoes: Nine West
tights: Express
glasses: Bonlook

I like to buy normal shirts super large so I can wear them over tights.

I look like my Grandma Nita so much in this picture!

See you tomorrow!

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